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Arm Full  45
Arm Half 30
Back  50
Brazilian  50
Brazilian Up Keep 40
Bikini 25
Bikini middi 35

Brows 21-24
Brow Tint 14
Chin 10
Ears 15
Full Face w/Brows 59-62
Full Face, No Brows 38
Hands 12

Leg Half 35
Leg Full 80
Nose 10
Side burns 10
Toes 12
Underarm 18
Uni Brow 10

**A consultation comes with every service, every appointment!
*Don't see what your looking for? Please ask!

Brow Rehab! 
Maybe you over tweezed in the 90's, have a scar, want a new shape...or just plain don't know anything about your brows!? Come on in we will do a consultation and go from there with a plan in place!

Cutie Pie!
We get asked a lot when should the young ladies start grooming their brows? Well we support a mothers decision that ultimately she knows best. But our best advice would be before your daughter decides to take a razor to them herself..or if it makes her more confident we say what’s the harm. Its our mission to empower women of all ages!

Man Brows 
Some men want just the middle in-between the brows waxed or the full service arch and all. So as always it is up to you and will be discussed in our consultation!

before & afters